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With WeProov, get a 60% increase in damage detection rate - Toosla

In two years, Toosla has succeeded in imposing itself on the car rental market thanks to digital technology, allowing everyone to reserve a vehicle quickly from a smartphone and to go to a branch only to collect their vehicle.


  • Bringing fun back into car rental by allowing the driver to choose their vehicle and category.
  • Ensure availability and choice of Premium vehicles at affordable prices (mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover...).
  • Streamline the customer experience through digitalization (vehicle available, clean and in good condition, day and night 24/7, no waiting time, no need to refuel...)
  • Maintain a profitable business model (claims management and ERF management)

"WeProov allowed me to increase my damage detection rate by 60% in a few months!"
Bertrand Gruyelle - COO


In the past, Toosla used a paper procedure through its preparers to check the condition of the vehicles at each pick-up and drop-off.

The use of paper posed many problems of internal management, updating and interpretation of damage.

Damage was difficult to identify and trace, and caused disputes over responsibility. The internal document management process was time consuming and inefficient, and therefore costly. In addition, with the paper-based inventory of fixtures, it was difficult to know exactly what the costs of repair were, so customer re-invoicing was more time-consuming and tedious.

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Thanks to the precise photo report and the quality of the photos, damage detection is now super simple and clear.

The vehicle's inventory of fixtures is done quickly from a tablet each time the vehicle is picked up and dropped off. The preparer is much more meticulous, so the inventory of fixtures is more precise at each preparation. "It is much easier to prove the damage by simple photo evidence. We have felt a clear improvement in our internal organisation.

The alerts warn us in real time of a new damage which allows us to be much more reactive and efficient in our daily management


  • Customers are reassured by the indisputable photo evidence and the preparer saves time each time he prepares the vehicle, taking the last report for the next departure.
  • Overall improvement in our day-to-day management with alerts as soon as there is new damage and instant reporting.
  • Precise knowledge of the ERFs thanks to the detection of damage, which makes it possible to have this key indicator for better re-invoicing! An indicator that was previously missing and that has radically improved their cost management.
"WeProov now allows me to have a key indicator on damage cost management: I now know all the ERFs precisely!"
Bertrand Gruyelle - COO
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