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Foyer has been Luxembourg's leading insurer since 1922 and is present in several European countries. It has expertise in various fields such as insurance, asset management and provident services. Underwriting and revaluation are still cumbersome and poorly organised processes and need to be automated and simplified.

The issues

  • Automate the sending of data for the subscription and revaluation part
  • Streamline and accelerate the processes of the underwriting and revaluation part
  • Better organise the operational management of insurance agents on the front line
  • Digitalising processes as much as possible
  • Decomplexing decision making
  • Deterring insurance fraud attempts

"WeProov has enabled us to streamline the entire underwriting process with a standardised mobile solution for all our agents."
Mamadou Barry - Business Analyst Foyer Assurance

Before WeProov

Before WeProov, the processes on the underwriting and revaluation part were cumbersome and not organised. Data transmission was not organised (e.g. photos), especially when frontline agents had to report information, and decision making was complex and made the whole procedure cumbersome.

There was a real need for automation and process reorganisation.

Why WeProov

The accuracy of the report and the quality of the photos make damage detection very clear and simple. This procedure is interesting for insurance fraud problems because the reports are geo-localised, time-stamped and forgery-proof.

WeProov uses the Blockchain to ensure data protection and to trace all movements that might take place on a report to detect possible fraud.

With the photos, the report becomes indisputable, they clearly demonstrate the damage, no dispute is possible.

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What results with WeProov

From now on, for each new subscription to a car insurance contract, Foyer agents will carry out a digital inventory via the application.

The WeProov technology guarantees the integrity of this report thanks to time-stamped, geo-located photos and an associated electronic signature.

This thorough procedure then deters insurance fraud. No more disputes are possible. The automatic transmission of data speeds up and simplifies the entire process and allows for a high degree of traceability and efficiency for all parties.

"The simplicity and mobility of the tool combined with the automation of the processes have radically lightened and simplified the entire underwriting and revaluation process."
Mamadou Barry - Business Analyst Foyer Assurance
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