Reduce your repair costs and monitor the condition of your fleet

Avoid unpleasant surprises on return: Anticipate return costs by having the right repairs made and keep a regular eye on your fleet, while making your drivers more responsible.

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With WeProov Fleet, our clients have saved millions of euros on their return costs! How did they do it?


Your driver inspects his vehicle

After receiving a text message from his manager, the driver carries out the inspection with his smartphone in a few seconds.


We estimate the damage

We estimate the damage and draw up an estimate based on the vehicle inspection carried out by your driver.


We repair your vehicles

After your validation, we organise the repair appointments while preserving the mobility of your drivers.

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How do we repair?

Thanks to the Claim for Mobility network:
2400 partner garages in France and over 100 mobile workshops.
We are committed to flat rates throughout France, with competitive prices.

Inspect (pre-return)

A few weeks before the return, have your driver inspect the vehicle and make the best decision before the return: Repair or return as is.

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Manager (follow-up + pre-return)

Take advantage of the widest range of products on the market to monitor the condition of your vehicle fleet.

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Nos offres

300 euros in savings

per vehicle returned

10% reduction in the number of claims

declared in the first year

Only 1 file per vehicle

All documents are centralised and archived

4 jours saved

for each vehicle returned

75% fewer disputes

with your long-term rental company after the return of the vehicle

Easy to handle

and empowering

Preserved mobility

whatever the repairs

What are the ROIs on our 30,000 vehicles under management?

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Average rating of the WeProov Fleet application
Céline Bourloton et Christophe Warin
‍Bouygues Construction
"WeProov Fleet appeared to be the ideal solution to save time and optimise our processes. Our goal: to reduce the vehicle repair budget by at least 25%."

They use WeProov Fleet on a daily basis