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Julien Alzouniès
Operations Director
Marsh France & BeLux
"WeProov Claim is a key partner. Working with an insurtech has enriched Marsh by bringing value and agility."
"The issue of digitalisation of claims management tools is an important one at L'olivier Assurance. WeProov Claim responds perfectly to these new challenges by placing policyholders at the heart of their vehicle inspection procedures."
Hugo Delavaquerie
Claims Analytics and Underwriting Manager
L’olivier Assurance
Fleet management
"WeProov Fleet appeared to be the ideal solution to save time and optimise our processes. Our goal: to reduce the vehicle repair budget by at least 25%."
Céline Bourloton et Christophe Warin
Fleet Managers
Bouygues Construction
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Thierry Mourot
"The number of immobilised vehicles was too high and very expensive. Since then, WeProov Partner has helped us to reduce the number of conflicts and thus reduce repair costs."
"WeProov Partner has enabled me to increase my damage detection rate by 60% in a few months!"
Bertrand Gruyelle
Director of Operations
"WeProov Claim has enabled us to streamline the entire underwriting process with a standardised mobile solution for all our agents."
Mamadou Barry
Business Analyst
Foyer Assurance
Fleet management
Bruno Lucien
Fleet manager
‍LS Services
"Even with an owned fleet, the tracking issues are the same as any fleet manager with a nationally distributed fleet. We were looking for a simple solution that could remotely manage our vehicle fleet."
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Olivier Cuvinot
LDVO Location
"Excellent and necessary application in the rental business, for its much more professional feel compared to paper inventories, and to avoid any misunderstanding with customers if the customer has damaged the vehicle during the rental.
On two occasions a customer disputed the damage they had done during the hire, thanks to the photos in the report acting as irrefutable evidence, the customer was able to be invoiced without conflict."

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