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WeProov allows for a reduction in reconditioning costs - Hertz

When it comes to car rental, Hertz is undoubtedly one of the world's experts in the field. Unfortunately, having such a large fleet and customer base does not prevent the costs associated with vehicle repairs and maintenance, not to mention the time spent settling disputes with the customer to find out who is responsible for the damage to the vehicle.


  • Lowering the TCO
  • Limit the time lost in vehicle repair
  • Improving Hertz's brand image and customer service LSA


WeProov provides an easy-to-use solution that allows Hertz to save money and avoid disputes by empowering its customers throughout the rental period.

  • WeProov simplifies the vehicle inspection process at every stage.
  • The full report is sent to the customer, geo-located, time-stamped and certified. It proves the condition of the vehicle on departure and on return from the rental. It's simple and unquestionable!
  • With the management platform, the Hertz team can check the status of their fleet in real time and save time by pre-populating their future reports.
  • For long-term rental, Hertz sends inspection missions to its customers to check the condition of the vehicle throughout the rental period.

"The number of immobilised vehicles was too high and very expensive. Since then, WeProov has helped us to reduce the number of conflicts and thus reduce the cost of repairs. Making money has never been so easy!"
Thierry Mourot, Franchise Director - Hertz

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1 - Protecting the fleet

25% less damage thanks to customer empowerment

2 - Making a profit

+ 70% more damage identified and invoiced thanks to secure photos

3 - Avoiding conflicts

Improving the image of the brand with an efficient and modern solution

  • The customer knows that the vehicle is being monitored, so he becomes more cautious and therefore avoids damage.
  • Employees feel valued by saving time to focus on higher value-added tasks.
  • There are no more disputes at the end of the rental period. This allows Hertz to maintain a good customer relationship and a good reputation.

"With certified photography, what may have seemed approximate on paper yesterday becomes indisputable today. WeProov is a very simple application to use. So it was very easy for our agents to adopt it. Our biggest surprise has been the customer's peace of mind thanks to the WeProov application! In the customer experience, the inventory is no longer experienced as a stress. With WeProov, serenity has set in."
Thierry Mourot, Franchise Director - Hertz
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