The 4 commandments for being a good fleet manager  

What qualities are needed to become a fleet manager? A very stimulating job, the manager can nevertheless face an unstable environment with a lot of challenges.

Multitask you will become

Multitasking is the main adjective that really determines the function. The manager has many responsibilities and is often associated with other functions within a company. He or she is responsible for both logistics and fleet management. But that's not all!  He must guarantee profitability and manage day-to-day problems such as taking care of any damage to the cars. So how do you manage all this? BE ORGANISED! It is preferable for the manager to plan deadlines and not to put off until tomorrow what can be done the same day. In the case of vehicle returns, don't wait until the day before to inspect the vehicle and discover nasty surprises. Schedule follow-up vehicle inspections in advance to avoid unnecessary costs.

Thou shalt be adaptable

Faced with societal changes, the role of the manager has been considerably altered in recent years. In particular, they have to deal with the change in mentality in favour of new mobility and energy. According to a study by L'Automobile & L'Entreprise in partnership with Hyundai,

Ecological performance is the second most important criterion for managers when buying cars after price (43%).

This is certainly a step forward, but it is still insufficient in the face of new government regulations to reduce CO2 emissions. In short, do not hesitate to identify your weak points in order to transform them into a means of progress and be able to analyse the factors that are essential for the proper functioning of your fleet. Remember, you need to adapt to change for a successful digital and environmental transformation.

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Keep a close eye on costs

Every department in a company is confronted with budget restrictions and fleet management is no exception. The resources available must be used intelligently. Do you have a fairly high ERF? Don't hesitate to carry out follow-up inspections before returning your vehicles in order to save money. Maintenance plays a very important role. Are your vehicles old and consume a lot of fuel? Switch to a much more economical model. You'll see, in the end, the bill will be less expensive...

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Thou shalt adopt WeProov Fleet

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By scheduling follow-up inspections and pre-delivery inspections remotely, you are sure to save an average of 25%. Your drivers are guided to inspect the vehicle simply and accurately.

A way to satisfy and empower the driver. You will be able to manage your activity, calculate the damage and find a repairer from a dedicated web platform. Having access to the complete state of your fleet in real time as well as to the new damages detected is essential to the success of your fleet and it saves up to 50% of the time spent on file management... a figure which cannot leave you unmoved. I leave you to ponder on this!

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