inspection management

Fleet management

Fleet inspection software on mobile, tablet and dashboard

A suite of digital tools to track the fleet condition in real time, anticipate and identify problems, calculate damages and make the right decisions.

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From vehicle inspection to fleet management optimization

vehicle fleet management software

Reduce conflict by inspecting vehicles at the car check-in and car return, quickly and transparently.

lower repair costs vehicle condition

Reduce repair costs by empowering your drivers and simplify your fleet management easily.

control fleet condition

Car inspection solution remote, just send a mission code and make someone do the report for you.

Track your fleet condition anywhere and manage every vehicle in real time

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Le Cab lower disputes and optimised the fleet since WeProov is used.

Discover how Le Cab uses WeProov vehicle inspection form application for automotive fleet inspection.

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They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"Since we use WeProov, we drastically lowered our employee claims. WeProov allowed us to check and verify the fleet condition at any time, any where."

Francine Dusson, Fleet Manager at Massy

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vehicle asset condition

Empower your team, build your vehicle checklist and track your fleet condition anywhere

Your team can build vehicle inspection report anywhere and anytime easily thanks to the fleet inspection app guided and secured.

fleet management software

Track and control your fleet condition in service in real time, remotely from your dashboard

Tracking your fleet condition precisely and empowering your drivers and team, reduce your repair costs and control accurately your TCO.

check vehicle damage

Accelerate time of claims and the vehicle inspection report process to accelerate damage cost estimates

Claim damages can be sent from our the application on mobile and tablet. You receive your asset condition reports directly on the WeProov fleet condition software and you're able to manage accurately TCO.

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WeProov is the most innovative solution in Europe

WeProov was awarded best Start-Up of 2016 at the Fleet Forum Awards of Barcelone, the essential meeting of fleet managers across Europe.


Optimise auto-sharing fleet management by tracking easily and accurately the fleet condition

Collect all the fleet data easily and in real time , manage anywhere fleet checklist and fleet return inspection.

tool inspection vehicle

Empower your team thanks to inspection tool transparent and easy to use, and reduce significantly your vehicle repair costs.

fleet software

Maintain your fleet in good condition by lowering the amount of damage and establishing confidence among your employees.

checklist vehicle

Track in real time your fleet checklist and return inspection forms so you can take better decision.

  • Vehicle checking-out

    Make them build their pre-filled vehicle inspection form, guided and secured, and track car condition thanks to the fleet inspection tool.

  • Car damage claim

    Thanks to the car inspection mobile app and tablet, your employee can claim remotely the damage from the application.

  • Compare vehicle checking-in

    Track your checking-in vehicle condition on site or remotely and follow all your fleet activity from your fleet inspection software.

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Assign mission vehicle inspection remotely

Manage your team or employees and add users on the fleet inspection platform.

Accelerate the next car inspection of your fleet

With the inspection tool "My Fleet", use the last car checklist for the next departure.

Customize your fleet inspection tools to check vehicle

Add your logo, customize your emails and select your fleet condition form template.

Annotate damages and track fleet damages remotely and in real time

From your fleet management dashboard on the web platform, you receive instantly all the vehicle condition report and pictures with the type of damages annotated.

Inspect your fleet condition fast and estimate repair costs

Fleet condition inspection tools help you track in real time your car damages and control precisely your TCO.

Fleet condition reports are certified by Blockchain and commited by the stakeholder

Commit the stakeholders and secure the vehicle checklist thanks to a digital signature directly on mobile and tablet . The condition report is sent instantly and secured.

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