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Transport and Conveyance

Digital transportation checklist on tablet and mobile

A suite of digital tools to track the truck condition or vehicle asset condition at different stages of the convoy, automate tasks and eliminate conflicts.

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From a vehicle checklist in convoy to a transport management optimization tool

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Empower drivers and reassure your clients by checking and certifying transportation checklist and truck checklist check-in and check-out.

check transport software

Track and time-stamped transfer of responsibility thanks to a certified transport condition report.

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Automate transportation checklist inspection and accelerate cost repair process.

transport asset condition

Manage your team remotely from your transportation dashboard to track vehicles condition in real time.

transport inspection software

The operational simplicity of the transportation inspection form app WeProov seduced Fullcar Services.

Fullcar Services recently decided to extend WeProov to all their activities for more transparency and efficiency.

They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"With WeProov, our clients receive vehicle informations easily and in real time as the mission goes by"

Yves Cadio, Operational Director

Fullcar Services

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transport inspection form

Build your transportation checklist on tablet or mobile and reduce easily conflicts during transportation

Within 2 minutes, driver can create a vehicle condition report certified by Blockchain on tablet and mobile with all vehicle information and picture, transport condition to compare at return.

transport inspection report

Track remotely your vehicles' activity on your transport dashboard

Manage vehicles' condition precisely in real time where the pickups and deliveries are taking place. You receive transport inspection reports time-stamped, geolocated instantly. Transport checklist is securely recorded and available anytime anywhere.

transportation inspection sheet

Remotely assign transport inspection checklist mission to your drivers

Assign statement of reserves, pickups and deliveries to whoever, anywhere in the world thanks to the Code Mission. You driver just has to enter the Code Mission in the app and is guided to build the vehicle inspection.

Track your transportation condition remotely

Thanks to the vehicle dashboard you track in real time every pickups and deliveries and you control transfer of responsibility.

Save every transport inspection report securely

Accessible anytime, anywhere, your vehicle condition reports are securely saved into the application and you can use last truck checklist or transportation form for the next inspection.

Customize your transportation inspection templates

Add your logo and brand colors to customize your emails and asset condition reports and select in between many checklist templates yours.

Annotate the type of damages directly on the picture

Thanks to the guided application, you can precise on the picture the type of damages and point it.

Optimize your transportation fleet and convey fleet

Choose among transport condition templates pickups and deliveries ,the type of transportation : automotive, utilities vehicles, heavy trucks, moto…)

Secure your conveyance and transportation inspection checklist

Sign directly on the mobile app or tablet when the transport checklist is done by the stakeholders. You secure the vehicle inspection in a few minutes and can save it as a proof of the condition.

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