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Vehicle inspection form on mobile and tablet for
vehicle rental

Check and certify vehicle condition thanks to the vehicle checklist form time stamped, geolocated. Estimate damage costs and empower your customers and employees to avoid litigation.

Our automotive solutions

Vehicle rental

Identify quickly and easily damages, avoid conflicts, manage your vehicle inspection anywhere , anytime, lower your vehicle reconditioning costs…

Fleet management

Manage your fleet inspection in real time, empower your colleague and clients and avoid conflicts simply, lower your fleet reconditioning costs..

Transport / Conveyance

Check your conveyed vehicles at each step of the transport , empower your driver, track the vehicle and avoid conflicts..

Dealership / Buy-out

Keep a proof of the state of the vehicle in your pocket, estimate the price of recovery, remove disputes with your customers ..


Check the workshop entrance, keep evidence of the status of courtesy vehicles, empower your customer, delete the conflicts...

Like our customers, Save up to 30% savings in time and money, while eliminating disputes.

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FREETry WeProov Pro

Digital inspection software for professionals

  • Templates
  • Departure - Return
  • My fleet
  • Mission
  • Photo-Scan
  • Select the vehicle inspection template on your tablet or mobile among thousand of car inspection templates

    Personalize your vehicle condition report template for your activity, insert your logo, your colors and vehicle inspection criteria
    car sheet template
  • Build inspection form for vehicle checkup and return checklist on tablet and mobile.

    Optimize your checkup and return checklist management by completing easily condition reports on mobile and tablet. Reduce time during the car return process
    car check-in
  • Manage anywhere your fleet condition in real time thanks to the fleet management dashboard

    Centralize all your vehicle condition reports in your dashboard and track in real time your team and checkup / return checklist
    car inspection software
  • Build your inspection form on tablet and mobile remotely

    Thanks to our Mission Code, the recipient completes all the vehicle informations in the guided app. Once the inspection report is completed, you receive instantly all the informations and pictures secured and certified by Blockchain
    Remote inventory
  • Scan the vehicle and annotate damages quickly and precisely thanks to the smart filter.

    Use the Photo-Scan to protect your asset condition report is as simple as it gets! You are guided while you are taking pictures thanks to our smart filter, customisable. Find your secured pictures again instantly in your inspection report
    photo scan weproov
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Solutions made for you, your clients and colleagues

car damage software

Identify damages easily directly on the vehicle inspection report on tablet and mobile devices

Fill out the vehicle condition form faster on tablet and mobile, annotate directly on the picture the type of damages and accelerate damages claim process.
car condition check

Manage your fleet condition in real time remotely thanks to the fleet management software n and centralize vehicle forms

Keep an eye on your car checkup and return checklist done by your team remotely, thanks to the fleet management software. Estimate your fleet damages and lower your fleet reconditioning costs.
car damage software monitoring

Receive instantly your vehicle inspection checklist on tablet and mobile, geolocalized, time-stamped, and blockchain certified

All your car checklists made on site or remotely are time-stamped, geolocalized, unforgeable and are available anytime on mobile, tablet and dashboard. Share them and keep them safely fearless

Avoid conflicts , lower vehicle reconditioning cost process, save time…. Professional of the industry explain.

"Le Cab manages precisely its fleet inspection, save time during vehicle return checklist and invoicing as damages are estimated, and avoid conflicts"

Pascal Delapierre

Fleet management Director - Le Cab

"Rent-A-Car 44 reduced its losses by 30% with WeProov, simplifying its process and improving its client experience, thanks to a lower litigation rate"

Anthony Vitel

Sales Director - Rent-A-Car 44

"Since we use WeProov, we drastically lowered our employee claims. WeProov allowed us to check and verify fleet condition at anytime and anywhere"

Francine Dusson

Fleet Manager Massy - GRDF

"WeProov's operational simplicity seduced FullCar Services which has recently decided to extend WeProov to all their activity for more transparency and efficiency"

Yves Cadio

Director of operations - Fullcar Services

Productivity solutions tools and trust. For you, your team and your clients

vehicle damage

Take photos and annotate damages on the photo

Point directly vehicle damages on your picture and identity the type of damages and accelerate cost repair estimation.

model inventory vehicle

Vehicle inspection form template personnalized

Vehicle inspection templates ready to be customized with your logo, colors and inspection criterias.

fleet vehicle tracking

History reports of vehicle and follow-up inspections

Centralize all your vehicle condition records in one place and see them anytime on Tablet and Mobile iOS and Android, and web platform.

car condition

Compare the inspection of the vehicle the return

Compare vehicle condition report checkup to return vehicle , accelerate and customer experience.

check car

Vehicle inspection checklist remotely

Track vehicle checklists remotely and access to vehicle information in real time on your fleet management dashboard.

inspection vehicle claim

Digital vehicle claim form

Make your clients do the vehicle inspection remotely, save time on damage claim processing, accelerate vehicle damages cost estimation, leverage your client satisfaction.

damage costing

Estimate car damages

After identifying damages easily thanks to the photo-scan, estimate vehicle damages cost and save time on invoicing.

vehicle entrance exit

Manage vehicle checkup and return checklist faster

Simplify your car checkup and car return checklist thanks to a easy vehicle inspection form on mobile and tablet easily in a few minutes.

Discover more functionalities by professional solutions

Vehicle rental

Fleet management

Transport / Conveyance

Dealership / Buy-out


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