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Real estate rental

Property inspection form on tablet and mobile, for real estate and property management professional

An application for
real estate agencies

Digital inspection software intuitive, fast and secure to avoid conflicts, empower your tenants and keep easily asset condition of your property.

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Save time on move-in move-out rental property inspection, follow the guided real estate inspection app.


A complete and fast property form with certified photos avoiding you any litigation.


Empower your tenants and reassure them by creating move-in rental inspection form and move-out form simple and secure.


Find your rental property reports archived in a secure cloud, accessible from anywhere.


BNBKEYS reduced by half the time of their property inspection thanks to WeProov

Time, efficiency and transparency gain on site, from the condition reports management to damages claims.

They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"WeProov allowed us to modernize the way we did our condition reports. We spare half of the time to fill an inspection form, and the photo facilitate the client's experience."

Jules Fauvage, Agency director

Desrue Real Estate
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Rental property inspection on tablet and mobile

Access to your Rental property forms on iOS and Android anywhere in the world and at any time. Save time and do remote inspection of the apartment.
Up to 250 photos by rental form to enrich your rental property inspection report.
Thousands of models of customizable property checklist according to your type of property, from the studio to the 24 rooms
Digital Signature on the rental checklist and inspection report time-stamped, geo-located and secure instantly sent.

The digital rental checklist, a tool to manage everything remotely

Much more an rental property checklist, WeProov is a set of smart tools, intuitive, effective and secure to optimize rental and property management for real estate professionals.


Rental condition reports Check-in and Check-out

Make a first property inspection form then compare property checklist at the end of the rental to identify possible new damages

Damage claim remotely

Claim or remotely make someone claim a damage on mobile or tablet easily thanks to property checklist app WeProov.

Rental property inspection templates

Identify to the slightest detail using WeProov digital property report application you choose your rental inventory model that fits to your business.

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