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Real estate rental

The simplest, most efficient and safest solution for your condition reports.

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Spare time thanks to an easy and guided process


An accurate condition report, with informations and photos, to end conflicts


Empower and reassure your tenants and landlords


See your archieved reports in a secured cloud, available at all times


BNBKEYS reduced by half the time of their condition reports thanks to WeProov

Time, efficency and transparency gain on site, from the condition reports management to damages claims

They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"WeProov allowed us to modernize the way we did our condition reports. We spare a lot of time while doing it, and the photo facilitate the client's experience."

Jules Fauvage, Agency director
Desrue Real Estate
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Available on all devices

WeProov is available on all devices (tablet and smartphone, iOS and Android), no need to buy expensive equipment or set it up for hours
Until 250 photos to get the best condition report
Condition reports templates for all types of property, from small to big estates
Digital signature and creation of a time-stamped, geo-tagged and secured report

One tool to manage everything

More than visual reports, WeProov is a complete tool to easily, professionally and efficently manage all the tasks of your rental activity.


Condition reports (Check-in and Check-out)

Make a first condition report then compare the condition at the end of the rental to identify possible damages

Damage claim

Claim or remotely make someone claim a damage easily thanks to the app

Furniture tracking

From the smallest objects to expensive goods, WeProov allows you to secure the condition of everything

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Use the latest condition report for the next check-in

Enough with tedious and useless work, use the photos and informations from the latest report to spare time on your next report

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Manage your activity with the dashboard

Pre-fill and consult your conditionr reports at all times, share them with your clients or partners, manage your team and get many dedicated features.

Secure by signing

Digitaly sign directly on the tablet or the smartphone

Manage your team

Easily manage your coworkers and assign them tasks

Send the report easily

The report is automaticaly sent to all stakeholders

Go faster by uploading information

Upload informations from your assets and contacts easily

Add your logo

Customize your reports and emails with your brand

Check the property's condition remotely

Assign anyone, or the tenant himself, to perform a punctual condition report.
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