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Vehicle Rental

Simplify your check out/check in and be more productive

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Make life easier thanks to digital and detect damages


Empower and reassure your customers


Spare time et and lower stationary vehicles


Industrialize your check in / check out process

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How does Rent-a-Car 44 reduce its losses by 30% with WeProov

Discover how Rent-a-Car 44 simplified its process and improve its client experience by watching this video

They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"Since we use WeProov, we drastically lowered our damages rate. WeProov allowed us to seem more professionnal and reliable with a solution that is fully transparent."

Anthony Vitel, Sales manager
Rent-a-Car 44
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feature autorestart

Precise condition of the vehicle, updated at each rental

With each check out, show the vehicle's condition to your clients and fill out the information (mileage, gas level...). Checking in, you can simply compare the condition with a guided process !

feature annoation

Identify and re-invoice damages easily.

Thanks to the compare process, you point out quickly all the vehicle's new details. No more doubt !

Add your logo

Customize your emails and condition reports with your brand.

Comment your photos

For more precision, circle the damages that are not well-visible, directly on the photo.

Manage your damages easily

Claim your damages directly with the app and send your report for it to be remotely valuated.

Control the vehicle's condition remotely

Medium and long terms : Make your tenants do a remote condition report so you can punctually check the car's condition.

Calibrate the app regarding the type of vehicle

WeProov adapts to all kinds of vehicles (car, utility vehicle, truck...).

Anticipate the next departure

With the "Assets" feature, accelerate and use the last report to fill your next departure.
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