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Welcome to the Proovers community
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Buy-out / Dealership / Garage

Buying, lending or taking charge of a vehicle : Facilitate your tasks with a single solution

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WeProov for your businesses

For all business that need a responsability transfer, a visual check or an augmented security, WeProov helps you beeing more efficient, safer, easier

Vehicle buyout, on site or remotely


Taking charge of client's vehicle


Courtesy vehicle rental


Vehicle buyout, on site or remotely

Use WeProov for all kinds of buyout to make sure that you take the right decision and avoid bad surprises

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On site buyout

Industrialize your process and keep the vehicle's condition proof

Get your sales force a powerful tool allowing them to inspect the a vehicle's condition. Estimate the right price and avoid buying the wrong car for the wrong price.

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Remote buyout

Remotely inspect a vehicle's condition before you buy it

Make whoever perform a condition report, anywhere in the world thanks to a ProovCode. At the end of the process, You receive your recipient's inspection with all the information and visuals he collected.


Check-out the vehicle's condition before you make any buying decision


Estimate the repair costs and verify your seller's quotations


When the car enters your fleet, point out the new damages


Industrialize and anticipate your vehicle's next departure

A flexible solution, when you take charge or lend a vehicle

Whether you take charge of a client's vehicle, or lend a courtesy vehicle, WeProov brings you an optimized solution.

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Taking charge of a client's vehicle

Create the vehicle's condition proof at the accurate momet you take charge of it. With full transparency, you modernize your image and client experience
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Lending a courtesy vehicle

Protect your courtesy fleet, empower your clients and avoid conflicts easily
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