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activity conveyance

Transport and Conveyance

Check the conveyed vehicle's condition, at each step of the transport.

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Empower the driver and protect him from for the clients' bad faith


Geo-tag and time-stamp the responsability transfer


Automate and standardize your procedures to spare time


Manage your team and offer an intuitive solution

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WeProov's operatinal simplicity seduced Fullcar Services

Fullcar Services recently decided to extend WeProov to all their activities for more transparency and efficency

They use WeProov in their daily activities

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"With WeProov, our clients receive informations easlily and in real time as the mission goes by"

Yves Cadio, Operational Director
Fullcar Services
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A departure report that you compare at arrival to avoid disputes.

Within 2 minutes, the driver creates the vehicle's condition report and indicate essential informations. At arrival, the condition is checked, helped by a guided process.

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keep an eye on your activities easily with the dashboard

Follow each transport in real time. You know precisely when and where the pickups and deliveries are taking place. Your reports are securely archieved and you can check them out whenever you want.

feature proovcode

Remotely assign missions to your drivers

Assign statement of reserves, pickups and deliveries to whoever, anywhere in the world thanks to a ProovCode. The driver just has to enter it in the app and be guided.

Manage your team

Manage your team by adding users and sending them assignments

Save your vehicles

With the "Assets" feature, accelerate and use the last report to fill your next departure.

Add your logo

Customize your Emails and condition reports with your brand.

Comment your photos

For more precision, circle the damages that are not well-visible, directly on the photo.

Industrialize your activities

Get many templates, adapted to all kinds of vehicles (car, utility vehicle, truck...).

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Commit the stakeholders thanks to a digital signature
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