FAQ WeProov App in English

How to get the App ?

From your smartphone to your tablet, go on Google Play or Apple Store and search for « WeProov - Condition report ».

Is it possible to test the WeProov App before submitting to a plan ?

Yes. We offer to all the opportunity to download the App in order to report a good's condition or simply to perform a condition report with a private individual.

Is it possible to send a WeProov report to someone who does not own a WeProov account ?

Yes. Anyone can receive and sign a WeProov report. You just have to take part to the condition report. The WeProov report is sent by email to the stakeholders. Those operations can be realized only if at least one or two parts own a WeProov account.

How to activate my account ?

Once you completed your registration on the App or on the plateform, you will receive an activation email. Open it and click on the activation button, check your information and immediatly beneficiate from the app. What can I do if I have did not received the activation email ? Have a look in your undesirable files. If it is not there, you can ask on the WeProov login page to receive your activation email one more time. Enter your email adress and your password, then click on the resend the activation email button. If you still don't receive any activation email, it is possible it does not appears because of the messaging filter. Consequently, modify your email preference and add WeProov to your "approved sender" list.

How to log into my account ?

Once you activated your account, you can log into your account from the app or the platform with your email and password.

How can I select the offer that fits me the best ?

Once you have created the account formalities. Select « My packages » and you will find out the packages which suits your activity. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team +33 (0) 1 79 73 71 70

What about the billing process ?

Billing process is very simple; select the package which suits your activity, enter your payment information. You will be charged from the monthly amount you have chosen once the information got validated. Concerning your consumption, we will charge you during the next levy.

Which payment options are accessible ?

We accept Visa cards, MasterCards and Discover. We also accept American Express cards in few areas. You can chose to pay annually or monthly. In order to know more about the plans and the prices, let's meet on our registration page by clicking here.

I can't pay with my credit card.

It is possible some information have been badly registered. Verify the 16 numbers of your credit card (without space), the validity date and the security code composed of 3 numbers on the back of your credit card. If all information are correct and the payment is still refused on our platform, it is a problem linked to your card. You then need to contact your bank. It can be due to a blocked or unactivated credit card, or the maximum ceiling has been exceeded. You can eventually try again few hours later or you can also pay your booking via PayPal.

How to update my credit card information ?

To update your credit card information or your billing information, start by log into your account. Click on the Plan tab then go to the sub-tab « choose a package » and you will be guided through the different steps.

Is my mensual/annual package automaticaly renewed ?

Yes. Your mensual package is automaticaly renewed by tacite reconduction each time until you ask to change your package or cancel your account. Your annual package is renewed automaticaly by tacite reconduction at the subscription date each year until you ask to cancel your account. All those information are available in our policy. 

How to buy WeProov Pro for more outstanding fonctionalities ?

We are here to accompany you and give you the best answer to yours needs. Contact contact@weproov.com

or call the +33 (0) 1 79 73 71 70 in order to speak to one of our expert.

How do I need to proceed to entirely close my account ?

We are responsible for canceling your account. You just need to send us your canceling demand by email to support@weproov.com

From your email adress that you gave us. If you don't use this email adress anymore, contact us by phone +33 (0) 1 79 73 71 70. It is possible to put an end to WeProov Pro by notifying it to the company by sending a registered email with an acknowledgment tree month before settlement date.

What is WeProov ?

WeProov is a solution that allows you to establish a condition report (car, real estate, equipment ...), wherever you are, with a guide line, quick and secure, on your smartphone and tablet. WeProov allows to accompany your users in order for them to realize a guided Photo-Scan of the good. All those data are time-stamped, geo-localized and certified in an unfalsifiable PDF, available for all stakeholders

I have forgotten my password, what can I do ?

If you have forgotten your login email and/or your password, we can help you to retrieve them. The process is the following : Click on 'I forgot my password ?' proposed in the identification tab. A new page is going to display :

Enter your email adress (the one you used to create your account)

Click on « Register »

You will receive an email containing a link who will allow you to create a new password, click on it

(you don't see the email in your reception box ? Verify in your spam, we never know !)

Choose a new password and confirm this choice.

How to modify my password ?

You can modify directly your password from your account here (you have to be identified first). You can also access to your profile (by clicking on your firstname at the top right of the screen), then click on "Password" in "Account". To modify you password, you need to inquire your actual password then the new chosen password to confirm before validating the modification. It is recommended to choose a password you can easily remember.

What is the aim of the Code Mission?

Have your condition report done with anybody, anywhere worldwide. When the user who receieved the Code Mission, performed the condition report you wished, you will automatically receive the WeProov report and you will know the good’s condition.

How does it work ?

The transmitter will initiate the process and send the Code Mission to the one who will do the condition report wherever he is. From this moment he will follow the different steps of the application. Once the process is done, each of the stakeholder will have access to the report and to the several registered elements.

What does the dashboard aim for ?

The web platform (dashboard) offers even more features! You can follow your team, manage your account, your profile information and your package, access all the reports WeProov (reports finished and those underway) and access to statistics features and more. This web platform is accessible from our website, at the top of the page of the website, by clicking on "Login". You just enter your WeProov login information. In summary, the web platform allows you to manage all your actions WeProov. It's simple, fast and effective.

Your profile information;

Your package;

Your WeProov report history and those in progress;

Your statistics concerning the WeProov reports. Finally, your dashboard allows you to manage all your WeProov actions. It is simple, fast and efficient !

How to customize your WeProov reports?

Because WeProov takes care about its clients needs, we offer to the professional clients the possibility, to customize their condition report template. Consequently, two elements of the report appearance can be modified :

The report color

Those changes can be done directly on the platform.

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